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There are several common printing processes for gift box packaging:

Offset printing is one of the more popular processes in custom gift box packaging. Its advantages are fast printing speed, bright colours, and a good printing effect. In offset printing, the ink forms a pattern on a blanket and is then transferred to the substrate by transfer printing.

Gravure printing is suitable for various cardboard, paper, and plastic materials. In this process, ink is filled into the gravure cells and transferred from the gravure surface to the substrate. Although the printing quality of gravure printing is higher, the plate-making cost is also higher.

Screen printing is a highly adaptable printing process that can be used on a variety of materials. In screen printing, ink is transferred to the substrate through the mesh of the screen cloth to form the desired pattern. Screen printing has a unique printing effect, but its printing speed is slower.

Lamination is the most basic printing process. It refers to the transparent plastic film that is laminated to the surface of the gift box by hot pressing. This makes the gift box look very glossy and increases the texture of the packaging. At the same time, it will improve the surface abrasion resistance after lamination, improve the quality of the gift box, and better protect the goods.

Foil stamping printing is a higher-grade technology mainly used in the printing of high-end gift box packaging. In this process, the gold foil paper is transferred to the substrate through the high temperature of the foil stamping machine to form the desired pattern. Foil stamping provides a high-class, luxurious printing effect, but the cost of plate making is higher.

Commonly used printing processes for gift box packaging include offset printing, gravure printing, screen printing, lamination, and foil stamping. Different processes have their own characteristics and scope of application. When choosing a suitable printing process, you need to consider aspects such as product characteristics, usage, budget, and environmental factors. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the printing effect of the process to achieve the aesthetics and functionality of the box.
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