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Consumers are becoming more conscious of product quality and packaging integrity in today's fiercely competitive market. Shopify claims that the e-commerce return rate for items that are damaged during delivery could reach 30%. For e-commerce, this results in significant financial losses. Additionally, consumers experience needless inconvenience and discontent. Because of this, it is clear how important  protective packaging is during transit. Appropriate protective packaging can help enterprises. It can improve product quality and safety and raise consumer satisfaction and competitiveness.

Definition of protective packaging

Protective packaging is an important part of the transport of goods. It ensures that products are not damaged during transport and reach consumers safely. Let's take a look at how damage and returns can impact your business:

  • Customers will be disappointed, as returns are a hassle, and you even run the risk of complaints.
  • Your reputation will be damaged and the customer may not buy twice.
  • As costs increase, you need to pay for reverse logistics, replacement products, and other additional costs.
  • Environmental pollution, multiple shipments due to returns increase your carbon footprint.

Choose the right protection solution for your product

Different packaging types are suitable for transporting different products. When choosing the right protective packaging, there are a few things to consider:
  • Product size
  • product weight
  • How fragile is the product
  • How to display products if single or multiple items are shipped in the same package

For example, if you're shipping non-fragile items, you may just need a simple void fill. You can use loose fill, like wrapping paper. But, if you're shipping fragile items (such as glasses), you may need something more robust, such as kraft paper sleeves.

Protective packaging products

We offer a variety of protective packaging materials. Below are a few of our most popular eco-friendly protective products. But, if you want a specific type, please contact us today!

Honeycomb Paper: biodegradable and recyclable, it protects items from scratches and scuffs, and enhances the customer experience with a beautiful look.

Kraft Bubble Paper: This is a new type of material used for cushioning packaging that is eco-friendly and recyclable. It has the characteristic of reducing the damage caused by vibration or collision when the goods are transported again.

Honeycomb kraft paper sleeve: recyclable and reusable, it with strong ability of extension, the products can be well protected while saving the packaging cost. Simple and fast operation during the packaging process.


Your best protective packaging solution will depend on the shape and size of your product, shipping requirements, budget, and more. So if you're still unsure, don't panic. If you are looking for protective packaging advice, please contact us today. You'll be surprised at how much protective packaging can help your business.
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Protective Packaging


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